Kemono Mahjong
For iOS & Android

No mere tile-matching solitaire game, this is a full implementation of Japanese Mahjong. A fun, strategic variant of the classic multiplayer game!


  • Follows EMA (European Mahjong Association) Riichi Rules!
  • Unique layout designed for phone screens!
  • Beautiful, easy-to-read tiles (with traditional and simplified tile sets)
  • Nine characters - Osamu the Shiba-Inu, Flint the Wolf, Khan the Tiger, Farley the Bull, Haruto the Dragon, Henrique the Macaw, Demarco the Rhino, Dunkan the Kangaroo, and Norris the Polar Bear!
  • Tutorial Mode and in-game help, ideal for new players!
  • English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese text!
  • Stats tracking!
  • No Ads!
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T-shirts, mugs, and more can be purchased from here!


Card Set

Purchase a set of cards featuring the characters from the app! Ideal for playing on-the-go with friends!

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Deck is provided via The Game Crafter


  • 2018-Aug-17 - v1.06.5, Henrique, Demarco, Dunkan, and Norris join the cast; visual improvements; more translations; AI tweaks, various bug-fixes
  • 2018-June-03 - v1.06.21, discards indicated if tile from hand or just-drawn, 'Open All Simples' toggle added, new languages added, AI tweaks, various bug-fixes
  • 2018-May-01 - v1.06.6, ability to reset game statistics, various bug-fixes
  • 2017-Nov-08 - v1.05, stats-tracking added; some new gameplay options; bug-fixes
  • 2017-Sep-27 - v1.04, character voices added; Agari-Yame and option to disable dealing animation added; bug-fixes
  • ...
  • 2017-Aug-20 - App released!


Email: info@kemonomahjong.com     Twitter @KemonoMahjong